Pantomime Dog Retires

pantomime characters with dogAny regulars to the wonderful Savoy Theatre Pantomime, produced by Spontaneous Productions will have become a fan of Chief, the cute collie cross who steals the show during each performance. Due to illnes Chief missed last years Jack and the Beanstalk, and was missed by the cast, chorus of youth theatre and his owner, writer and producer Sam Densham.

This year Chief and Sam had a waggy chat and decided that at the ripe old age of 12, Chief was happy to retire from the grueling life of theatre and just sit back and follow his hobbies such as, swimming, walking and chasing balls. His new mate, Shadow the cat agrees that she thinks Chief should now take it easy.

Chief took to the stage first in Cindrella, and has gone on to do a little filming and supporting people in the community. We have decided that he will make a surprise performance in a couple of the pantomimes, so if you buy the lucky tickets you still get the chance to see him one last time in this years spectacular pantomime. He is going to do a few meet and greets in Monmouth, so keep your eyes open for him and your ears, as he can speak on command. If you would like to send him your best wishes please send them to the Savoy theatre in Monmouth, or post them on the Spontaneous Productions Facebook page. He would like to take this time to say, ” Thanks for being a fabulous audience! (“So fabulous,” says Sam, “that he would come down into the audience during the show to say hi, and always upstaged us all”.)

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