Celebrating Singing

Group photo of Ross Choral Society


Fresh from their exciting December Concert and Christmas Carols, Ross Choral Society is now rehearsing for a performance of Haydn’s “The Seasons” on April 1st to celebrate the Choir’s 50th Anniversary.
We asked current members what they value so much about singing in this Choir. From new-comers to founder members, here’s a selection of their enthusiastic answers.

  • I’m sure the breathing does something magical to improve your state of mind.
  • … enjoy the company of like-minded people, and it certainly is a friendly choir. (Soprano, 38yrs)
  • the fact that we sing through a lot rather than spending ages on small phrases, which destroys a piece (Alto, 3 yrs)
  • My evening out ! (Soprano)
  • a great way to relax and ‘de-stress’. Ross Choral provides this outlet whilst giving access to some wonderful music. (Tenor)
  • … an Alto founder member and over the years… have sung many classical works and learned a great deal from each of our 5 inspirational conductors.
  • … a friendly society … we work hard to perform to a high standard – come and listen to us! (Alto, 50yrs.)
  • I travel from the Mitcheldean area as this choir provides me with the type of repertoire I enjoy singing. (Soprano, 1 yr)
  • moved here in September 1977, 2 weeks before our second baby was born. As soon as possible I joined Ross Choral as I have always sung – wherever we’ve lived
  • Why sing? To put aside any worries, concerns, things that are making you fret – if you’re concentrating on the music you can’t be worrying about other things. I found this so helpful when I was a new mum, clueless and anxious about the baby. (Soprano)
  • The evident mutual respect between Conductor and Accompanist is a very valuable asset. (Soprano, 4 yrs)
  • enjoy the type of music we sing, warmth and friendliness and the challenge of the music we perform. (Tenor)
  • singing somehow takes me out of myself and into a new dimension. Each term brings new challenges. (Alto, 12 yrs)
  • …our Conductor is himself a very good singer, so he can demonstrate where necessary in the difficult passages. Also shows us what’s going on in the different parts, so we don’t just sing the notes, but are helped to discover the music. (Soprano)
  • … anxious to resume a lifelong involvement in singing … decided to introduce myself one Thursday rehearsal! The welcome was warm and sincere and not simply because I was another tenor!
  • …immediately impressed by the superb musical directing and accompaniment, and the lovely sound.(Tenor, 5 mths)
  • Great music, great fun – and a conductor with a great sense of humour – give it a go! (Soprano)
  • Join, and like me, do more than you think you can… nothing more thrilling than performing with a Choir. (Tenor, 1 ½ yrs)

Let the Choir’s Chairman have the last word:

To sing one of the great works, in harmony with friends, with professional orchestra and soloists is truly sublime. (Bass)