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Watch the lave net fishing

Black Rock Picnic Site
Portskewett Caldicot

Watch the lave net fishing at Black rock picnic site, Portskewett.

Dates for August:

13th 12.20pm –
14th 1.10pm –
15th 1.45pm –
16th 2.35 pm –
19th 3.10pm –
20th 4.20pm –
21st 4.45pm –
22nd 5.30pm –
28th 12.00pm –
29th 12.55pm –
30th 1.35 pm –
31st 2.25pm

Don’t miss:
Black rock lave net fishery end of season open day Saturday 24th August 1pm – 5pm.
With a lave net exhibition, demonstration and film presentation of season’s trophies, home baking and much more.