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Logiplex computing and IT solutions

Make the most of fast Broadband

From tablet computers to WiFi networks the tools to connect to friends and family or business associates are wide and varied but it is essential that all items are configured correctly to make the most of the broadband speed available at your location. Logiplex will set up the device and make sure your email and apps are all working. Microsoft Office 365 – The familiar tools of Office can go with you virtually anywhere now using Office 365. Access your email and calendar from your computer, the web, and smart device. Easy monthly payments help with cash flow at this time of year.

Safe and Secure

If you’ve ever had a PC break down, get infected, stolen or lost, then you may be familiar with that gut-wrenching feeling that comes with knowing that you may have lost all of your photos, music and documents – forever. Logiplex can help protect your computers from attack and secure vital documents, data or photographs with a range of antivirus and data backup solutions. This provides piece of mind of knowing that your system is protected from attack and that vital files are safe and secure.

Computer Health Check

The Logiplex Computer Health Check will:

  • update your essential internet security or antivirus package
  • clean up your hard drive to free up space and improve speed
  • ensure that those vital files are protected allowing you to relax knowing that your computer is ready for the challenges ahead.


The right IT solution at the right price

In the fast moving world of IT Logiplex focus on identifying the right solution for you and then we use the buying power of the UK’s largest buying groups to get you the best price… AND of course you have the renowned Logiplex support service to help you get the best from your purchase. See more at or call 01600 504410. or call 01600 504410