Logiplex Tech Tips: Printer Inks and Toner Cartridges

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Costs of printer inks and toners are now often equivalent to that of a good champagne. This makes it important to get the best value and understand how to compare like for like when selecting cartridges.

Ink Content (volume).Cartridges vary in capacity. A Cartridge World refill will hold at least the same volume of ink as a manufacturer’s original, or a greater volume where possible. The Ink Jet Investigation by Trustedreviews.com found that Cartridge World replacement cartridges outperformed the printer manufacturers’ alternatives for three out of four printers.

Ink Quality. Cartridge World inks are specifically formulated to match that of your original cartridge. So the print quality is guaranteed to be as good, if not better.

Expiry date. Beware of cheap deals offered on cartridges that are near or past their expiry date.

100% Guarantee. All Cartridge World cartridges come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In Stock. We aim to have most popular cartridges available from stock. If not we can arrange next day delivery. We also recommend that you always keep a spare set so that you can drop in your empties and benefit from our Refill prices.

Choice of cartridges available at Cartridge World

Original Manufactures Cartridges.These are the cartridges supplied with the printer or sold with the manufacturers branding. This is the most expensive way to buy new replacements. Cartridge World provide refilled or pre-filled originals.

Refills. The most cost effective and environmentally friendly. Cartridge World only refill original manufacturers’ cartridges to ensure you get the best performance from your printer.

Pre-fills. If you no longer have the manufacturer’s cartridge we can supply them ready filled with Cartridge World inks.

Compatibles. Where refilling of manufacturers cartridges is not available we will source a compatible.

Advice. For advice regarding printers or cartridges call Logiplex on 01989 769990 or visit www.logiplex.co.uk