“Plaza Suite” at Monmouth Savoy

Monmouth Off Centre Theatre rehearse "Plaza Suite"Monmouth’s own Off Centre Theatre will be bringing their first play of the year, Plaza Suite, to the Savoy Theatre from 3rd to 5th March.  It is a comedy by the renowned American playwright, Neil Simon, famous for this and other plays, such as The Odd Couple, The Goodbye Girl and Barefoot in the Park, which have all, like Plaza Suite, been made into hugely successful films.

There are actually three separate stories in the play, each taking place in 1968 in suite 719 of the Plaza Hotel in New York City. In Act 1, suburban New Yorkers Sam and Karen Nash are spending the night in the hotel as their house is being painted, but more importantly for Karen,  because it is their twenty-“something” wedding anniversary, the hotel where they spent their honeymoon. While Karen wants to recreate the romance that she remembers of their wedding night, Sam is preoccupied with business matters. But it is other issues that highlight their fundamental differences that may demonstrate if they will make it to twenty-something plus one.

In Act 2, womanising Hollywood movie producer Jesse Kiplinger has exactly two hours free during his whirlwind stay in New York, so he decides to call up some “old flames”.  The first to agree to meet at his suite is his old hometown friend, married Muriel Tate. Muriel knows what Jesse wants and is a bundle of nerves as she continuously second guesses herself in whether she should have come or not.

Finally, in Act 3, young bride-to-be Mimsie Hubley has locked herself in the bathroom of the suite, as she has had cold feet about her wedding to fiancé Monmouth Off Centre Theatre rehearse "Plaza Suite"Borden Eisler – and the guests are waiting in the Baroque Room downstairs in the Plaza.  Her father and mother, Roy and Norma try all they can to get her to come out and get married.  We get to know a lot about Roy and Norma as well as Mimsie and Borden and the reason for Mimsie’s cold feet, during this Act.

Neil Simon is famous for his witty scripts, full of those lines that you make you chuckle and make you think at the same time.  Off Centre certainly do this master scriptwriter justice in their interpretation of the play.  Come along to the Savoy Theatre, Church Street, 7.30pm, 3 – 5 March and enjoy a feast for the eyes and ears.  Tickets are £10 and can be reserved in advance, see www.monmouth-savoy.co.uk, box office 01600 772467

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